Our Passion... Nursing and Nurturing

Our goal is to have our clients, nurses, families, suppliers, and our teammates experience “Care Beyond Compare” whenever they interface with our caregivers and nurses. With continuous refreshing and upgrading of skills, you're always guaranteed the best and most advanced nursing care. We’ll even lend a hand with housekeeping, cooking, shopping and dealing with your medical aid.

what we do

here are 3 areas that our clients request most often - but we do so much more - click to see our entire service offering

Severe/Terminal illness care
We understand the difficulties of caring for a loved one during a time of severe illness or during their final days.

Elderly & Frail Care
Keep your elderly loved ones cared for in the comfort of their own home, where they can be surrounded by their own pets, family and friends.
Get well soon! We provide special care for patients who are recovering or rehabilitating after an operation.

news & events

we're making headlines!

Rhona Solomon nominated for the Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership award in the Achiever Awards.
We offer regular refresher courses to update the skills of qualified careworkers and nurses - speak to us to book for the next event.
Complete Nursing Agency is proud to announce, the formation of a team of nurses specializing in the home based care of new born infants.



care management and support

Rhona and the team consult with the family, and if necessary the doctors, to determine the particular needs of a patient and to get to know the patient a little better.

Because we understand how much you worry about your loved ones, Rhona is in constant contact with the patient’s family, doctors and carers to ensure the patient’s care is adjusted as it needs to be. The carers also keep complete records of the patient’s progress and a registered nursing sister is available at all times.

We measure success
in smiles, improvement in health, and quality of life.



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